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Rocket Launch


Our current accelerators focus on the LatAm and European regions but are open to global companies that are looking to make a difference in those regaions.

Interested in scaling your startup to the US?

We believe International entrepreneurs can and will create successful global companies.

We uniquely provide programs and financial opportunities for entrepreneurs over the full start-up life cycle.

Connecting high-potential international startups with global markets, networks, know-how and capital.

Current Accelerators

Program Overview

Work with an experienced team and your peers through the accelerator program

Weekly Meet-Ups

The Program is 16 weeks and is based on milestones, with each being covered over three weeks of engagement. Each week an expert is invited to talk about a specific topic and help you develop your own strategies and execution.


Every three weeks, during the weekend, there will be a workshop divided into two sessions: 

1. Keynote Speaker who will provide great insights and experienced advices;
2. Review of your work of the past three weeks with the accelerator teams.

Pitch Day

The day after the Workshop is dedicated to pitch practice, where different panelists are invited from our network to judge your performance and provide feedback. 

Demo Day

The accelerator culminates in a Demo Day at which the startups present to a carefully selected, invitation-only audience.

Soft-Landing Program

Selected startups within the program will be invited to the 6-week soft-landing program in Boston.

Ongoing Partnership

The Demo Day is not the end of the journey but just the beginning! 

We support your growth journey by helping your build great global networks and scale internationally!

How do we select?


Demonstrate TRACTION in your own country

Demonstrated traction in your own country refers to a  startup's ability to gain momentum and achieve success in its home market. It means that the business has proven its concept and has gained a foothold in the local market, which can help attract investors, customers, and talent.


Established TEAM of Founders

Team members who are fully dedicated to their business and share the same vision to achieve its goals. 


Demonstrated capability to scale internationally

Business's ability to successfully expand its operations and customer base beyond its home country or initial market. It requires a strong understanding of different markets, cultures, and business environments, as well as a willingness to adapt and iterate as needed.

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